Canister Filters Scott Pro2000 CF22 A2P3 R 5042670

EN 143:2000 /A1 EN

Features and Benefits

  • Rigid shell: shape maintained even in moistened and heavy loading environments. Soft nose seal with absorption properties and a tight sealing film for an better comfort and fit. Preformed and coloured nosebridge to save time to perfectly adjust the mask and to instantly identify its protection level. Large internal volume to easily communicate and breathe. Shielded exhalation valve with an exclusive design for an improved protection and a better breathing comfort. Twin elastic straps, ultra flexible and resistant, stapled outside of the filtering area to avoid any risk of leakage. Lightweight respirator (15g) to reduce wearers’fatigue. No latex, no silicone, nor PVC.
  • Protection and wearer acceptance guaranteed during periods of extended use. High level of comfort. Prevents irritation. No risk of allergies to latex. No restriction with regard to use Environment-friendly.
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