Emergency Espace Breathing Device Scott ELSA 2009419


EN 1146
MED Shipswheel Approved
AS / NZ1716

Features and Benefits

  • The ELSA is an escape breathing apparatus which provides a constant supply of air for rapid escape from hazardous industrial and marine environments. The ELSA is simple and quick to operate, reliable and robust in use, ensuring maximum protection in an escape situation.
  • The ELSA is available in durations of 10 or 15 minutes in high visibility PVC or black anti-static polyurethane materials. The ELSA apparatus consists of a cylinder with combined cylinder valve and reducer, supply hose to constant flow hood and stowage bag. The ELSA is activated upon opening the bag whereby a pin which is attached to the bag via a strap is released.
  • It delivers a constant flow air supply at 40 lpm nominal flow and has a elastomeric neck seal for ease of donning and can be worn by those who wear glasses or have beards. Exit now and get out of there! In emergency situations where breathable air quality may be or has been compromised, getting away from the contamination is critical.


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