Pressure Bar Cylinders Scott 300 Bar

Features and Benefits

  • Scott Safety’s range of high pressure cylinders have been specially designed to provide increased working duration at a comparable weight and size to the 300 bar cylinders currently used in our SCBA units.
  • At 25% higher pressure than the current 300 bar cylinders, the new cylinders will offer significantly increased duration with a choice of 5.7 litre, 7.6 litre or 9.5 litre capacity. Alternatively the new range of 379 bar cylinders allows the user to select a lighter cylinder with a lower profile meaning that there is reduced user burden whilst maintaining their current operational duration.​
  • Available in three durations 45, 60 or 75 minutes
  • Constructed of an aluminium liner fully wrapped with carbon fibre
  • Upgrade options available for older SCBA sets to accept this new technology


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