Vertical Lifeline Cabloc 3M Protecta AC3000/30, 20 m kit

EN 353-1:2014

Features and Benefits

  • Ladder safety system for most fixed ladders; fast and simple, do-it-yourself installation, with rung clamps, bolts and standard tools reduces overall costs
  • Ideal for a variety of structures including ladders and poles
  • Stainless steel construction ideal for marine and other aggressive environments
  • Easy to use sleeve can be attached anywhere along the lifeline and automatically follows user for hands-free climbing and fall protection
  • Cabloc™ Vertical Cable System kit is a complete vertical lifeline solution in kit form that provides safe access on fixed ladders tower heads, poles, lighting towers, chimmneys and many other structures. The kit contains 30 m of 8 mm Stainless Steel Cable 7 by 19 with one end looped and crimped, cable clamps, universal top and bottom brackets (AC340), inline energy absorber (AC325), tensioner (AC330) and traveller AC350
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